Computer Services

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Below you can find prices for the most often services. For other services please contact me and I will give you an estimate price. It will depend on the kind of service and how complicate it is, and how long it will take.


Travel to client in Hawick or its surrounding areaFree!
Quick diagnose and estimate fixing priceFree!
Travel to client on Scottish Borders areaDepends of milage
£5 to Galashielsh, Melrose, Jedburgh
£8 to Kelso
On-site service £20 for first hour and £10 for started following 30 minutes.
Service in my workshop. Collection and delivery back is free.The price is estimated before fixing, usually lower than done on client premises.
Removing broken, destroyed or old electronic devices (computers, laptops, phones, monitors, TVs) and taking it to a Recycling Centre..Free!

Hardware repairs

Damaged laptop screen £20- £30 laubour + cost of a new part £35- £70 depends of model
Wiruses and malware removing. For very slow computers or very serious infections I recomended to do this service in my workshop, for minimalize a cost for a client! £20- £40
Fixing after fluid spill. This service must be done in my workshop!from £20, depend of damage
Fixing broken or ripped power sockets. This service must be done in my workshop! £25- £50 depends of the model of laptop
Replacemen of broken hinges or laptop cover. £20- £30 labour + cost of new part
configuration/fixing of computer networks.from £20
Repair of not starting or seroiusly broken Microsoft Windows. £20- £60
Recovery of deleted or lost files - from computers, pendrives and memory cards.This service must be done in my workshop! £20- £40

Maintenance services

Full computer diagnostic. Checking of all computer components. Checking if operating system and installed programs are working correctly. After diagnostic client will get a report with information with state of his computer, advices about needed repairs and optymalisations, and posibilities of speeding the computer up. Because this service is taking long time, it is done in my workshop. £35
Microsoft Windows Maintenance - settings optimalization, instalation of newest updates, removing not needed system and temporary files, hard disk defragmentation, starting and shutting down optymalization, etc. £20- £40
Cleaning of cooling components and applying new thermal compound and pads. Computers producers are advicing to do it at least every two years! Overheating could lead to low performance or seriously damage of components and this service helps to avoid it. £15- £35 depends of model
Securing computers from malware and hacking. Instalation and configuration antyvirus programs. £20
Helping with files backup.from £20
Moving user's files between computers.from £20

Other Services

New installation/reinstallation of Microsoft Windows + drivers + all updates + essential programs. £45
Installation/change computer hardware (memory, hard disks, etc.) £10- £20
Computer custom build assemble (with buying advice) £20- £30
Installation and configuration of computer networks wired and wirelessPrice given on order

Internet websites and services

Internet websites developingfrom £150
Hosting WWW - buying, configuring and managingfrom £35 (cost of hosting included in price)
Email accounts - buying, configuring and managingfrom £20

Computer Tuition

Basic use of computers and using an internet. £15/hour
Using office software: word processors, spreadsheets, presentation and publishing programs. £15/hour
Making an internet websites. Both frontend (HTML. CSS, Javascript) and server-side (PHP, use of MySQL database). £25/hour